​Step migrasi mariadb to percona-xtradb-cluster(pxc-57)

Berikut ini adalah step by step untuk migrate software database MariaDB-10.1.22 ke Percona-xtradb-cluster-57.

Arsitekur berubah dari master-slave menjadi multi master dengan 3 node

  1. Setup node1 pxc-57 
  2. Grant user for replicate on mariadb master
  3. Create full backup from master mariadb with percona-xtrabackup
  4. Copy backup file to new cluster pxc-57
  5. Restore backup file and add some variables (server_id, bin_log, log_slave_update) at new cluster pxc-57
  6. Use command cat to see xtrabackup_binlog_pos or xtrabackup_info at pxc-cluster 
  1. Change master to master host (mariadb master)
  2. Start slave and show slave status
  3. Tes replicate with create new database on master, if success replicate done

Next setup node2 & 3 pxc and sync one by one to master node (node1)

If finish check status replicate on xtradb



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